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15th March 2024

Introducing our Warehouse Manager, Ally!

Hello! Pleased to meet you! I’m so happy to be greeting you as the new Warehouse Manager at Pebble Child A little about Ally After reaching as far as I can progress in my previous role as a local Post Lady for over 4 years, I decided to change the direction of my career and […]

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16th January 2021

Changes on our website

We care about you and take every feedback seriously to make you happy. There are some requests from our customers to add some new features to our store. So we made some changes to our website aligned with the customer’s request. We have made a few changes to our website to make the shopping experience […]

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6th June 2020

Covid19 measures implemented

We were closed at our head office and the rural production centres for about one month in line with the Government of Bangladesh’s lockdown procedures to flatten the curve of the pandemic in the country. We opened again a few weeks ago as allowed by the GOB and implemented a number of procedures in order […]

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21st April 2020

Covid 19 response to the artisans – Phase 1

The whole world is just like standstill due to the current pandemic situation. Every industry is suffering financial loss due to the countrywide shutdown situation.  More than 40% people in Bangladesh are living from hand to mouth so poor people are mostly in danger during Covid19 pandemic situation. They have no single job to do. […]

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15th November 2015

Royal Bengal Tiger

The tiger is the best known symbol of Bangladesh.   The sports teams are always called – the tigers.   Indeed the tiger even has the very grand name of the Royal Bengal Tiger.    The home of the tiger is the Sundarbans forest, the largest natural mangrove forest in the world but sadly it […]

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29th October 2015


When I was a little girl in the UK we didn’t celebrate Halloween.   We knew of it, of course, but we all looked forward to Bonfire Night on November 5th – remember, remember the 5th of November 🙂     A lot has changed in the decades since and Halloween is now a huge […]

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5th August 2015

Pebble / Winrock partnership

We are delighted to see that Mahmud from the Winrock Intenrational office in Bangladesh has been published in the Canadian Institute of Marketing Journal, talking about the partnership between Pebble and Winrock.   You can read his full essay here. Twelve years ago when I started Hathay Bunano, the non profit that makes the Pebble toys, […]

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4th May 2015

Royal Princess

We were all delighted to hear yesterday of the birth of a new Princess in the UK to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.  The pictures of her on the news at just 10 hours old were absolutely beautiful and I, for one, was rather envious of her mother who quite simply, you would never […]

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23rd April 2015

Competition for the Royal Baby

The new Royal baby isn’t even here yet but already we’re celebrating.   We are delighted to be part of this giveaway of eco goodies for babies in the Daily Mail.   GBP100 of giveaways up for grabs so do enter.    You can enter here, or check out the post on our facebook page […]

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18th April 2015


Have you seen our little animation?    We have a button for it on the front page of our website.    I wanted to just tell you a little about the wonderful company who created it for us, Beans Solutions.    They are a group of recent graduates from the Netherlands who have set up […]

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24th March 2015


This week heralded the start of Spring.   I saw some lovely pictures from our distributor in the US of snow on his garden one day and crocuses the next!   The winter has been tough for many in the northern hemisphere and I suspect spring cannot come too soon and you’re all looking forward […]

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23rd March 2015

Measuring Crafts

We all hear anecdotally that the hand made and crafts industries are important for the reduction of poverty.   Indeed it is the reason that Pebble and Hathay Bunano started and continue to work.   But did you know just how big this industry is and what an important contribution it plays.    The Alliance […]

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1st March 2015

British Council SE Policy Dialogue

25th and 26th February saw the British Council Policy Dialogue on Social Enterprise in Dhaka.   With delegates from many countries in the region as well as from the UK and of course lots of interest from Bangladesh, it was great to have a forum for Social Enterprise where we could all learn and share. […]

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25th January 2015

Impact Investing in Bangladesh

Impact investing is a relatively new term but its basically about making investments which give both a financial and social return.   Its a new field that has only recently started to come to Bangladesh but it has huge potential in terms of leveraging the capital markets to create social good and in terms I […]

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19th January 2015

Bernadette visits Basha

At Pebble we love Basha.   They make the most wonderful products and are very successful in working with women at high risk or coming out of prostitution.   Their long term programme has excellent results and it is always a joy to see how many lives they can touch and how many women are […]

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