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19th March 2024

New Hats and Booties

Introducing some beautiful additions to our clothing collection, brand new hats and booties! Hand knitted by our Fair Trade partners in Nepal whom we proudly continue to work closely with. Spotty Hats Available in Pink or Blue with a white spotted pattern. A beautiful quality, hand knitted, 100% soft organic cotton hat for your baby. […]

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18th March 2024


We’re looking forward to Easter this Spring time at Pebble Child! Stocking all things cute including bunnies, carrots, eggs, chicks and more! The perfect selection to provide a little treat for a special little one this coming season. Bunnies Because who brings us treats if not the Easter Bunny!? While adults and older children may […]

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16th March 2024

New! Story Sack

Introducing another new story sack for Easter, bringing smiles to little faces all around the world! Children are inquisitive and just like on Christmas day, enjoy opening up a package! The bundle gives opportunity to explore a selection of handmade quality rattles and an interactive book, while engaging their senses and stimulating brain development. Add […]

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4th October 2023


It’s the month of Halloween! All those ghosts and spiders and ghouls, but they don’t have to be so scary. We’ve made a new selection of rattles so even the youngest in the family can enjoy Halloween too. Pumpkins You can’t have Halloween without pumpkins. So while the bigger children are carving the real thing, […]

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4th May 2023

New! Story Sacks

Do you remember the thrill of opening a surprise package as a child? The excitement of discovering what’s inside, and the endless possibilities that come with it? That’s the feeling we want to recreate with our magical story sacks collection. It is a fun and interactive way to inspire children’s creativity and imagination along with […]

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24th June 2022

New! Jigsaw puzzles

We are really happy to bring you 2 gorgeous new jigsaw puzzles based on our best selling rattles. Peg puzzles are perfect for children from 10 months and up and teach coordination and fine motor skills. They are also great for learning pattern matching and we think your little one is going to have a […]

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16th January 2021

New Year Release 2021

Finally, we passed 2020 through a lot of unprecedented challenges. We are thinking of all those who have lost loved ones in this horrible pandemic and those who have lost livelihoods, jobs, and businesses built over many years.  The damage feels irreparable at the moment.  Whilst Pebble has survived, we know that many haven’t. Our thoughts […]

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5th October 2019

Reduced shipping price

We have reduced our shipping prices. With rattles costing as little as £6.50, paying shipping costs can sometimes seem disproportionately large.  We understand this.  Just before the summer we moved warehouse and are now getting much better shipping and packing prices from our new warehouse.   We have no intention whatsoever of making a profit out […]

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9th September 2019

NEW TOYS! Check Out So Many New Goodies In Our Autumn Mini Drop

We know you love to see new toys!   So we’re now committed to bringing you a new selection four times a year plus our Christmas offerings.  In addition to the summer and winter releases, we will now have a new mini-drop in both Autumn and Spring, so there’s always something new to look at. I […]

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26th August 2019


We make a whole organic cotton range with toys, rattles, teethers, bonnets, hats, blankets and booties.   The main benefit of organic cotton is that is it grown without pesticides, insecticides, herbicides and GMOs.  These chemicals can also run off into ecosystems when it rains polluting the wider environment.   It is important to mention that chemicals […]

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13th February 2017

Why babies love black and white toys

This season we have restyled our cute little monkey rattle in black and white.   But why do babies love black and white so much? Babies can see from birth but they cannot focus so far away.   They can only focus to about 20-25cm which is perfect for them to see mummy’s face while […]

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19th January 2017

We love America

We sell in countries all over the world but our biggest single market is America.   Pebble loves you America.   Our exclusive distributor in the USA is Kahiniwalla which was founded and is run by husband and wife team, Austin and Marita Miller.   The great thing about Austin and Marita is that they […]

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17th January 2017

New toys for 2017

My favourite two weeks of the year are the week in January and the week in June when we bring out our new catalogues and show you all the new products that have come to the Pebble range.   For us its the culmination of many months of product design and development and testing.   […]

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22nd August 2015

New Storytime characters

We first developed the ‘Once upon a time…’ series of toys in the very early days of Pebble.    The idea was to have a range of toys which encouraged storytelling and creative and imaginative play in young children.   We started with a princess, humpty, dragons and unicorns – a fun and eclectic selection […]

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6th June 2015

New catalogues

The new catalogues are out for AW2015 with lots of new products.    We’ve added a new range of ring rattles to go with our popular horse, panda and zebra rattles.   A beautiful new medieval princess and her handsome knight in the Once upon a time range.  New hanging rings for nursery decoration and […]

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27th April 2015


Lots of people know Pebble for the octopus rattle – which is great – we love him too!   and also for the many other rattles we make, but did you know we make lots of dolls too. We started making dolls under the Once Upon a Time selection.   The idea behind this selection […]

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20th March 2015

Pacifier clips

We’ve branched out a bit!   We brought pacifier clips into the range this season.   As a Brit – we don’t actually say pacifier – we call them dummies, but whatever they are called, they are a great idea to stop you from losing endless dummies or finding them on the floor and all […]

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13th February 2015

Rainbow colours

Over the years we’ve been adding more and more new products to our ranges in rainbow colours. Image:  rainbow bunny Babies seem instantly attracted to rainbow colours.   In fact there is a lot of evidence that babies prefer high contrast colours and so the rainbow colours perform this same role, stimulating the baby’s sight […]

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3rd February 2015

Pebble home?

We’ve made some new items for this seasons catalogue which might loosely be called ‘pebble home’.   We’ve been making baby blankets for some time and of course are well known for making toys but we wanted to extend this slightly to some fun Pebble things for the nursery or child’s bedroom.   To be […]

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19th January 2015

New catalogues are out

We are delighted to show you our new catalogues and all the new products they contain.   Along the same design lines as our new website, we have a new layout for our catalogues. Putting together the new catalogue is the most fun part of our year.   We develop lots of new products and […]

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