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13th February 2015

Rainbow colours

Over the years we’ve been adding more and more new products to our ranges in rainbow colours.


Image:  rainbow bunny

Babies seem instantly attracted to rainbow colours.   In fact there is a lot of evidence that babies prefer high contrast colours and so the rainbow colours perform this same role, stimulating the baby’s sight with all the different bright colours.   This is why babies often look almost transfixed when they are looking at bright colours.

Mobile - Rainbow Bunny

Image:   rainbow bunny mobile

For toddlers, products with rainbow colours are great because they provide a really fun way of learning the colours and their names and toddlers love pointing out the colours that they know.

rainbow blanket Red 01

Image:   rainbow blanket

For mums, when you’re tired and sleep deprived, walking into the baby nursery full of bright rainbow colours can be a real pick-me-up and make you feel brighter just because you are seeing these lovely bright colours.

Image:   Rainbow rattle ball

All in all, lots of reasons why rainbow coloured products are popular.   We hope you enjoy the range that we have put together.

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