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4th May 2023

New! Story Sacks

Do you remember the thrill of opening a surprise package as a child? The excitement of discovering what’s inside, and the endless possibilities that come with it? That’s the feeling we want to recreate with our magical story sacks collection. It is a fun and interactive way to inspire children’s creativity and imagination along with a storybook.

A story sack is essentially a bag filled with toys and a book to help you bring the story to life for your little one. It’s a great tool for parents, teachers, and caregivers to engage children and develop a lifelong love of books and learning.

Our new story sack collection

We’ve created 3 story sacks that combine some of our amazing handmade toys to tell a captivating tale. Our story sacks includes a set of handmade animals, under the sea and food rattles along with a book that ties everything together.

Snail and the Whale story sack

1 x Snail and the Whale board book, 1 x Whale rattle, 1 x Snail rattle cream, 1 x Friendly sun rattle, 1 x Seagull rattle, 1 x Turtle rattle green, 1 x 100% cotton sack.

Dinosaur Munch story sack

1 x Dinosaur Munch board book, 1x Dinosaur rattle steggi petrol blue, 1x Dinosaur rattle dippi pink, 1x Friendly peapod rattle, 1x Friendly cactus buddy , rattle red flower, 1x Friendly daisy rattle white, 1x Friendly mushroom rattle brown sugar, 1 x 100% cotton sack.

Hungry caterpillar story sack

1 x Hungry Caterpillar board book, 1 x Caterpillar rattle, 1 x Friendly apple rattle, 1 x Friendly blueberry rattle, 1 x Friendly ice lolly rattle, 1 x Blue butterfly rattle, 1 x Friendly pickle rattle, 1 x 100% cotton sack

The benefits of Books

With the help of the toys and book in the story sack, children can recreate the story. They can act out their own versions, or come up with new adventures for the animal friends. Check out this news to know more about imaginative play.

Our story sacks are a wonderful way to combine play, learning, and imagination into a single activity. Whether you’re a parent, teacher, or caregiver, we encourage you to explore our story sacks. This new addition will definitely benefit the children to develop their own imagination power. And if you’re interested in our handmade toy story sack, you can check it out on our website. Happy storytelling!

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