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12th October 2023

Hats from Nepal

We now have on the website new hats from Nepal! As most of you know, we are guaranteed members of the World Fair Trade Organisation (WFTO), and as such we have lots of colleagues in the Fair Trade world. It’s very difficult to knit wool in Bangladesh because the humidity is so high all year […]

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23rd April 2023

Fair Trade Audit at Pebblechild Bangladesh Ltd.

Date of Audit: 2-6 April 2023 Auditor: Ram Bhat Regular fair trade audits are important for organisations to ensure compliance with fair trade standards. They ensure ongoing good relationships with the stakeholders and improve reputation and brand value. They also promote continuous improvement and mitigate risks associated with non-compliance.    Basically when we are audited […]

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24th June 2022

Social Enterprise verified by SEWF

We are delighted to be verified as a SEWF social enterprise by the Social Enterprise World Forum (SEWF). SEWF designed the verification process in consultation with partners around the world. It recognises existing regional and national social enterprise verification systems. SEWF builds on existing knowledge and expertise and provides accessible, affordable, and culturally responsive social […]

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23rd January 2020

Business models that put people and planet first

To tackle inequality, end poverty and save our planet, Fair Trade Enterprises must spread far and wide. A new economy is emerging, one populated by enterprises born to put people and planet first. These businesses are a stark contrast to today’s mainstream businesses, who largely remain trapped in a model of profit-primacy. Based on new […]

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25th September 2018

Fair Trade Charter Launch

The Fair Trade Charter is being launched today and is a collaboration of all those in the fair trade movement.  It works to transform trade in order to achieve justice, equity and sustainability for the people and planet and that has never been more applicable and necessary as now. The fair trade movement shares a […]

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15th March 2017

Progressing gender equity

As an organisation employing thousands of women it will come as no surprise to you that we are passionate about gender equity. It’s not just in rural Bangladesh that gender equity is important. It’s well known that companies who have women on their boards outperform those who do not. It was great to see the […]

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18th October 2016

Anti-poverty week – my perspective

This week is anti-poverty week.   It runs from 16 – 22 October.   For the World Fair Trade Organisation (WFTO) and its members it is an opportunity to promote the 10 principles of Fair Trade.   It is a time to explain and show how these can be used as a means to eradicate […]

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13th January 2016

Fair Trade Guaranteed

We are so delighted to have been awarded WFTO Guaranteed Fair Trade status at Hathay Bunano.  There are only 20 WFTO guaranteed members in the whole of Asia and so we are very proud, happy and humble to be one of those.    If you want to buy crochet and knitted toys that are guaranteed […]

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11th October 2015


At Pebble we are fair trade members for a reason!   We truly believe that fair trade can contribute to reducing poverty, particularly in less developed countries.   But more than that, we believe that all trade should be fair trade.   At every point in the chain from producer or manufacturer to consumer, everyone […]

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16th May 2015

What is Fair Trade?

We celebrated World Fair Trade Day last week and it was great and we told you all about it.   And I realised as I was telling you all about what we were doing to celebrate that I have only rarely listed all the 10 principles of Fair Trade. The principles are very well described and […]

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10th May 2015

World Fair Trade Day at HBPS

On Saturday 9th May we celebrated World Fair Trade Day 2015 at the office and finishing centre of Hathay Bunano.   Hathay Bunano are happy and proud to be members of the World Fair Trade Organisation. The programme started in the afternoon and we invited members of the local community from Notun Bazar, local shopkeepers […]

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9th May 2015

World Fair Trade Day 2015

Today is World Fair Trade Day 2015.    Its great to have a day for Fair Trade because it reminds everyone to talk about it, to share stories and pictures about it, to celebrate it and to spread the word.   We have an exciting programme of events at Hathay Bunano which I will share […]

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21st April 2015

WFTO Agents for Change

We are delighted to be a part of the WFTO Agents for Change campaign.   It’s been set up to coincide with World Fair Trade Day on 9th May and its all about giving a ‘shout out’ to all those wonderful people, products, groups, brands who are working every day to create change.    The […]

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10th April 2015

Dhaka Craft Bazar – Pohela Boishakh

We are very excited to be selling Pebble toys in Dhaka at the Dhaka Craft Bazar for Pohela Boishakh tomorrow at the Australian High Commissioner’s residence.    There will be some of the best fair trade organisations in Bangladesh with products available for sale and the event is open to all.  It is extremely generous […]

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3rd April 2015

Annual Picnic 2015

We and all of staff had a lot of fun on 2nd April as we celebrated the Annual Picnic 2015 on that day. So I would like to say a big thanks on behalf of all staff of HBPS. Image:   staff all dressed up ready for the annual picnic The picnic followed food, Cultural […]

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2nd April 2015

WFTO newsletter

We were really delighted this morning to see Pebble featured on the main page of the WFTO newsletter which goes out monthly to all members.   At Hathay Bunano and Pebble we are really proud to be a part of the World Fair Trade Organisation and to be able to share and learn from so […]

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4th March 2015

Dhaka Craft Bazaar

Every month, our great friends and colleagues at Prokritee, organise a craft bazar in Dhaka.   It’s a lot of fun and all the fair trade organisations in Dhaka and most from Bangladesh come to participate and sell their lovely products to the local community.   We are very fortunate that it is very generously […]

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23rd January 2015

Fair Trade training

At Hathay Bunano and Pebble we are committed to Fair Trade.   We believe that all trade should be fair trade and that this set of principles is an ideal way to improve the lives of millions in the world and ensure that everyone gets a fair share of the pie.    But Fair Trade […]

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14th January 2015

Sharing Fair Trade in Dhaka

It was great to have Devasmita Sridhar, Fair Trade Consultant from India, with us in Dhaka today.   We invited Devasmita here to speak on the panel of the launch of the Women’s Empowerment Principles by the UNGC and the launch of the Women in Need handbook by Square Group.    Devasmita spoke about women’s […]

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13th November 2014

Full WFTO Membership

We are very happy to announce that Hathay Bunano ps became full members of WFTO on 13th November 2014.   We are absolutely delighted to be full members of the WFTO family and look forward to learning more and sharing with other organisations in the future.

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