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24th June 2022

SEWF varified Social Enterprise

Pebblechild UK Ltd is glad to be verified as a social enterprise by Social Enterprise World Forum (SEWF). SEWF Verification was designed in consultation with partners around the world. It recognises existing regional and national social enterprise verification systems, builds on existing knowledge and expertise, and provides accessible, affordable, and culturally responsive social enterprise verification in places where such options do not exist. The goal is to expand market access for all social enterprises globally. 

A social enterprise is any business venture created for a social purpose– mitigating/reducing a social problem or a market failure– and to generate social value while operating with the financial discipline, innovation, and determination of a private sector business. Pebblechild UK Ltd is creating employment opportunities for rural women based in Bangladesh by ensuring sustainable work order and giving them economic independence.

We believe that Pebblechild will work with SEWF to foster our social mission and create a more positive impact in our society to establish an equitable social structure. If you would like to know more about SEWF, please click here.

We want to thank you all who support Pebblechild in every step of our journey at this stage.

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