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4th March 2015

Dhaka Craft Bazaar

Every month, our great friends and colleagues at Prokritee, organise a craft bazar in Dhaka.   It’s a lot of fun and all the fair trade organisations in Dhaka and most from Bangladesh come to participate and sell their lovely products to the local community.   We are very fortunate that it is very generously hosted by the Australian Ambassadors wife at her lovely residence in the city.   It’s wonderful that she opens up her garden to everyone and there are no restriction on who can come and shop for the day.   It’s so nice to be a small part of such a wonderful collaboration and we really thank Prokritee for taking and continuing with this wonderful initiative.   If you’re in Dhaka this weekend then do drop in.   If you’ve never been to Bangladesh before then maybe this is a reason to visit in the future.

DhakaCraft Bazaar 13th_March

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