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3rd April 2015

Annual Picnic 2015

We and all of staff had a lot of fun on 2nd April as we celebrated the Annual Picnic 2015 on that day. So I would like to say a big thanks on behalf of all staff of HBPS.

Image:   staff all dressed up ready for the annual picnic

The picnic followed food, Cultural Program, playing games and raffle draw. We started by putting up the decorations  nicely by all admin and production staff. Then we distributed the lunch boxes to all staff and their kids who came with them.
Image:   Lunch served to all staff of rice, chicken and vegetable

After a 1 hour break, we started the cultural program. Before starting the cultural program, I shared all the latest information with the full team and encourage them to reach our vision. Then the cultural program contains songs, drama, reciting poem, dance.
Image:   a comedy scene as part of the cultural programme

After that we arranged 4 indoor games for the staff where all of staff happily participate. Finally HBPS arranged a raffle draw with 50 lucrative gift and distribute prize for the performer at the cultural program.
Image:  a dance performance as part of the cultural programme

HBPS all staff are really happy to celebrate such a day with lot of fun and looking forward to next year program.

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