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11th October 2015


At Pebble we are fair trade members for a reason!   We truly believe that fair trade can contribute to reducing poverty, particularly in less developed countries.   But more than that, we believe that all trade should be fair trade.   At every point in the chain from producer or manufacturer to consumer, everyone should be paid fairly.    It includes the consumer – the consumer should also pay a fair price for a product and not exploited with huge margins.    If we all work together then the system really works.    Today is the start of Anti-Poverty Week.   You can make a difference.

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Hathay Bunano ps, the organisation in Bangladesh which makes the Pebble toys is a proud member of the World Fair Trade Organisation.   When you are shopping this week and in the future please look for the WFTO logo to know that you are ensuring that there is no exploitation in the product you are buying.

Below is a press release from the WFTO and Hathay Bunano.   Please share and use the hashtag #FairTradeBreaksPoverty.   Together we can do it x

Anty_Poverty_week_press_release_2015 2

Also here are some of the very real and very important reasons why fair trade works from the artisans of Hathay Bunano.







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