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Useful links

MIT Innovations Journal Case Study on Hathay Bunano
Case Study on Hathay Bunano by Prof K McKague, S Morshed and H Rahman puhlished in MIT Innovations Journal – for download

BBC: Taking jobs to Bangladesh’s poor
BBC article on the work of Hathay Bunano

Daily Star Bangladesh: Business to fight poverty
Article by Samantha Morshed on using business to reduce poverty

Daily Star Bangladesh: Textile handicrafts need boost
Article by Samantha Morshed on how to grow the textile handicrafts industry in Bangladesh

Daily Star Bangladesh: The third way
Article by Samantha Morshed on social business as an alternative to development aid

Daily Star Bangladesh: Bankrolling the poor
Article by Samantha Morshed on why the poor need more banking services and fewer loans

Daily Star Bangladesh: Financing social business
Article by Samantha Morshed on ways to finance social business

Daily Star Bangladesh: Reverse engineering
Article written by Samantha Morshed on how changing large companies to be a little more ‘social’ could make a big difference

Allison Joyce 
Allison Joyce is a multi-award-winning American photojournalist and She took most of the best pictures of our artisans in the rural villages of Bangladesh.

Bryony Fripp
Bryony has done all the wonderful illustrations of our toys on the images and on this site.

Design Inc
Desing Inc helps with our digital transformation and does website desing and development work.

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