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18th November 2015

CHT centres move to production

The Chittagong Hill Tracts is one tenth of the area of Bangladesh.   It’s a huge and very beautiful part of the country but also very remote.   Khagrachori district in the CHT is particularly remote and deprived where there is lack of communications and lack of education and also ongoing conflict.    There are no […]

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18th October 2015

AGM and Anti-Poverty week

On 18th October we held the AGM for Hathay Bunano at our finishing centre in Notun Bazar and also kicked off anti-poverty week with a programme including discussions about HBPS’ role in reducing poverty, as well as songs, performances and a drama.   Everyone took part as well as some ladies coming from the rural […]

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22nd April 2015

Story of Pebble in a presentation

Sometime ago I made a presentation on Haiku deck of the story of Pebble.  If you’d like to know a little more about how Pebble came to be then this will give you some quick, short answers.    It’s both fun and a challenge to condense 10 years of work developing a business, building a brand […]

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15th April 2015

Visit by BGCCI

We were delighted this week to welcome Daniel Seidl, the Executive Director of the Bangladesh German Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BGCCI) in Bangladesh to our office and finishing centre.    The BGCCI is the largest chamber in Bangladesh with more than 600 members and it works to actively support trade between Bangladesh and Germany. […]

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14th April 2015

Pohela Boishakh

Today is New Year in Bangladesh.   When we meet people we say Shubo Nobo Borsho – Happy New Year.   Its a day of celebration and is a public holiday.   Everyone wears red and white and lots of people come into the public parks where there is music and games for the children. […]

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3rd April 2015

Annual Picnic 2015

We and all of staff had a lot of fun on 2nd April as we celebrated the Annual Picnic 2015 on that day. So I would like to say a big thanks on behalf of all staff of HBPS. Image:   staff all dressed up ready for the annual picnic The picnic followed food, Cultural […]

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24th March 2015


This week heralded the start of Spring.   I saw some lovely pictures from our distributor in the US of snow on his garden one day and crocuses the next!   The winter has been tough for many in the northern hemisphere and I suspect spring cannot come too soon and you’re all looking forward […]

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15th March 2015

Organic growth in rural centres

When we start to teach women to knit and crochet in new centres and in new areas there is often a lot of interest from the local area but also a fair amount of scepticism.   Many NGO projects have come and gone before us in Bangladesh and in many areas the women are, quite […]

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8th March 2015

International Women’s Day

In Dhaka we celebrated International Women’s Day yesterday at the Dhaka Craft Bazar with many of our friends and colleagues who are also working for women’s rights, empowerment and poverty alleviation in Bangladesh and it was great to celebrate and share with all of them as well as have some of our lovely toys available […]

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19th February 2015

Distributor for South Korea

Last week, we were very happy to host Mr Lee and his translator, Mr Lucas, from South Korea.  It was their first trip to Bangladesh.  They visited our finishing centre in Notun Bazar as well as flying down to Cox’s Bazar to visit the new centres there.   Travelling around Bangladesh has been difficult for […]

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15th February 2015

Construction of Pebble centres

At Pebble and Hathay Bunano, the non profit organisation that makes the Pebble toys, we decided very early on that we needed to work with communities and enable them to improve themselves, rather than force change and our ideas upon them.   A key example of this is with the construction of the Pebble centres. […]

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16th January 2015

The making of the Pebble film

Whenever a blockbuster film is released in Hollywood, shortly after there is program about the making of that film.    So in time honoured tradition, I’m writing a blog about the making of our Pebble video lol.    Of course, the video is only a little over 2 minutes long and so the blog should […]

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22nd December 2014

New centres in Sirajganj

Sirajganj is a very beautiful part of Bangladesh.   It’s in an area known as the chars of Jamuna River.    A char is basically an island in the river.   The Jamuna river is huge and particularly during the monsoon it runs very fast and as such erosion of land is a huge problem. […]

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15th December 2014

New centres in Cox’s Bazar

As more and more of you want to buy Pebble toys and we continue to expand sales, so we are able to continually set up and open more training centres in areas of extreme deprivation in Bangladesh.    We’ve joined forces with Winrock International, under the CREL project (Climate Resistant Environment and Livelihoods project) funded […]

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13th December 2014

USAID video of Sundarbans

We are delighted to be partnering with USAID, through Winrock International, in the Sundarbans.   The Sundarbans is the largest natural mangrove forest in the world and the people living within it are extremely poor with very little opportunity.  USAID have made a fabulous video with beautiful pictures and a very clear story telling us […]

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8th December 2014

Opening preschool sponsored by Best Years Ltd

We are so delighted and so grateful to all the customers of our UK wholesalers, Best Years Ltd, for collecting lots of small amounts from the retailers they supply in the run up to Christmas.   All those small individual amounts have added up to enough to set up a new preschool alongside one of […]

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7th December 2014

Winter blanket distribution with Blankadesh

Every year Pebble teams up with a wonderful organisation, Blankedesh, to give out blankets at the beginning of winter.   You would be right in thinking that Bangladesh is a tropical country and the temperature doesn’t drop anywhere near as low as in the UK, Europe or the US, but it does get cold.   […]

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7th December 2014

Collaboration with WTC

We are so happy to start working with the Women’s Training Centre (WTC) under BASE in Jessore.    BASE is a fair trade organisation and an umbrella for a number of very small organisations mostly run by Catholic Sisters.   They provide really invaluable help and assistance in very remote and difficult to reach communities […]

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6th December 2014

UK wholesalers visit the Sundarbans

It’s great when Pebble wholesalers come to Bangladesh to see us and go out to visit the rural centres.    It helps them to understand how important the work is and how vital they are in their role marketing and selling the products.   It also helps them to understand some of the challenges we […]

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22nd September 2014

HBPS collaborates with Barefoot College, India

HBPS is delighted to send Monora, Munjuara & Rejia – 3 illiterate ladies to Barefoot College in Rajasthan in Indian to attend 6 month training on solar electrification. As these ladies are from the HBPS Kazipur center so the HBPS Chairman, Golam Morshed and Executive Director, Rayhan Kabir accompanied the ladies during their journey and […]

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