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18th November 2015

CHT centres move to production

The Chittagong Hill Tracts is one tenth of the area of Bangladesh.   It’s a huge and very beautiful part of the country but also very remote.   Khagrachori district in the CHT is particularly remote and deprived where there is lack of communications and lack of education and also ongoing conflict.    There are no established businesses in the area due to lack of gas, electricity and water and so the people suffer not only from lack of basic services and communications but also from economic deprivation as there is very little employment opportunities.

Back at the end of August we set up two new training centres in the area with the help of the Guimara Region of the Bangladesh Army and these have now moved to production.   We are very happy to be bringing employment to this very remote part of Bangladesh and hope that many others will follow once they see the opportunities and the great commitment of the people.



Image:   celebration at the inauguration of the new HBPS training and production centres.

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