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25th March 2020

Coronavirus update – deliveries

The current situation is very uncertain for all of us. As a social enterprise that works with the most vulnerable in Bangladesh, we are as eager as everyone else to see an end to this. Currently Bangladesh has had only very few cases of the virus and is now taking measures to prevent the spread. We all desperately hope that it doesn’t spread in Bangladesh because the healthcare system there is vastly inadequate.

We do have stock of most of our products in the outsourced warehouse we work with in the UK. This warehouse is continuing to operate, mainly because they are also shipping medical and essential supplies and so their work is necessary in the UK. After the UK Government’s announcement on 23rd March 2020, the warehouse have issued the following guidance to us.

“We will be processing and shipping orders with priority given to medical, veterinary and essential items, please allow an additional 24 hours for orders of a non essential basis to be shipped.’

So basically your orders may be 1-2 days later than usual. Please think about 5-7 days for delivery rather than our regular 3-5 days. We are so grateful to you for your patience at this time.

The warehouse have also assured us that they are working according to the UK Government guidelines.

“To protect our staff we have introduced expanded distances between workstations as well as other internal restrictions on movement, interaction, as well as supplying additional cleaning and PPE products for all staff. We have also cut staff numbers to reduce further risks.”

With regard to delivery they have advised:

“Currently all postal and courier companies are working as near to normal as expected.”

Almost all our deliveries are sent Royal Mail second class and many of the smaller packages can just come through your letterbox avoiding any human-human contact. Where packages are too large for the letterbox, Royal Mail are following latest UK Government guidance to keep everyone well and safe.

You already know all about the women who work with us in Bangladesh – that’s the reason so many of you shop with us and support our work and share our stories. Clearly to keep operating as along as its safe to do so is best for them. Of course it is our duty to ensure that we keep everyone healthy and it is also our duty to prevent unnecessary financial difficulty for them. We are so so grateful to you all for your support at the moment. The coming few weeks are going to be difficult. We really wish you all well and thank all of you for your efforts at this time. In my lifetime I cannot remember a time when we were all so completely affected by something. I’m a 60’s baby – I didn’t see the war. I’ve seen my fair share of difficulties in Bangladesh but never something like this that affects all of us – each and every one of us.

best wishes to you all, Samantha x

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