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8th March 2015

International Women’s Day

Women's day 2015

In Dhaka we celebrated International Women’s Day yesterday at the Dhaka Craft Bazar with many of our friends and colleagues who are also working for women’s rights, empowerment and poverty alleviation in Bangladesh and it was great to celebrate and share with all of them as well as have some of our lovely toys available for sale.   It was kindly hosted by the Australian High Commissioner’s wife in the garden of her lovely residence and there were some lovely arrangements with women from the various groups showing people their skills and how they made the products.

But we couldn’t let this day go by without marking it on our blog.   We are so aware of the struggle that women all over the world face for equality – whether it is women in developed countries fighting for equal pay or women in developing countries fighting for financial independence.   There is still a long way to go.   But together we can get there.

Wishing you all a great Women’s Day x

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