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23rd January 2020

Business models that put people and planet first

Can you imagine a business world fixated on benefiting people, and saving our planet? One that shares its profits and treats everyone kindly. It is here. #PlanetFairTrade

To tackle inequality, end poverty and save our planet, Fair Trade Enterprises must spread far and wide.

A new economy is emerging, one populated by enterprises born to put people and planet first. These businesses are a stark contrast to today’s mainstream businesses, who largely remain trapped in a model of profit-primacy. Based on new research, this report uncovers insights from one of the most global and deep-rooted communities of mission-led enterprises: Fair Trade Enterprises. Key insights about Fair Trade Enterprises include:

• 92 per cent reinvest all profits in their social mission;
• 52 per cent are led by women;
• 4 times less likely to go bankrupt; and
• 85 per cent report actively sacrificing financial goals to pursue social or environmental goals, while retaining commercial viability.

The time has come for governments, investors and all companies to support such enterprise models to spread them far and wide.

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