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4th October 2023


It’s the month of Halloween! All those ghosts and spiders and ghouls, but they don’t have to be so scary. We’ve made a new selection of rattles so even the youngest in the family can enjoy Halloween too.


You can’t have Halloween without pumpkins. So while the bigger children are carving the real thing, we have a gorgeous little rattle for the youngest. Available in traditional orange and the more contemporary white. In stock on the website now for £9.00.

Halloween pumpkin rattles
Pumpkin rattles


Long associated with Halloween, these can be something of a trigger for children and adults alike. Yet none of us want to miss out on the fun. That’s why we’ve made this gorgeous purple spider. It just takes all the fear away and keeps all the fun.

Halloween spiders
Spiders for Halloween

Monsters and Ghosts for Halloween

You can’t have Halloween without monsters and ghosts but we think you’re going to love this selection. All on the website now.

Halloween monster rattles

I don’t know about you but when I was a kiddie we didn’t do Halloween. Because it was all about Bonfire night on the 5th November. I think it pretty much comes down to age – confession – I’m very old! I remember as a teenager it was just starting to become a popular holiday and by the time I had my children it was a really big thing. At that time we lived in a small neighbourhood in London and would get together to take our little ones trick’n’treating. Only knocking on doors of other parents in our little group and popping in to most for a quick hot toddy to keep us going. It was a really nice community get together for the parents.

Now we live in a tiny village in North Yorkshire and so the children stop at any house with a lit pumpkin outside which is really fun. Last year I made orange marshmellow for the trick and treat bags. I need ideas for this year – do share if you have any.

Theres a lovely history of Halloween here if you want to know more about it.

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