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19th January 2015

New catalogues are out

We are delighted to show you our new catalogues and all the new products they contain.   Along the same design lines as our new website, we have a new layout for our catalogues.

Regular Without Price

Putting together the new catalogue is the most fun part of our year.   We develop lots of new products and then through a process of testing, feedback and elimination, some of those products make it to the final catalogue.   But we don’t really know what you love and what you hate until the catalogue comes out and we can see what you buy!

As usual we’ve made two catalogues – one organic cotton and one regular.

Organic Without Price

Image: Front cover of the Pebble Organic cotton catalogue

We hope you like them.    You can download the catalogues here or see all the new products under the Catalogue section of this website.

Regular Without Price

Organic Without Price





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