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3rd February 2015

Pebble home?

We’ve made some new items for this seasons catalogue which might loosely be called ‘pebble home’.   We’ve been making baby blankets for some time and of course are well known for making toys but we wanted to extend this slightly to some fun Pebble things for the nursery or child’s bedroom.   To be honest it was difficult to choose where to start.

Blue grp

Image:  Spark robot cushion, spark robot hanging ring and red giant flower

So we started with the new robots and made decorative hanging rings and cushions.   Hanging rings are lots of fun for children’s bedrooms because they appeal to children long after the traditional mobile is packed away.

Red grp

Image; Tin robot cushion, tin robot hanging ring and red giant flower

Some years ago we made giant flowers for our distributors to use as decorations at trade shows and they were so popular that we’ve now added those to the range.   We love making one-off things for decorations for our distributors but invariably people want to buy them and that then puts pressure on us to get them into production – and some things are just not meant for volume production.   With the flowers we’ve completely remade the inside plastic construction so that they work for retail sales.   The fun thing about these is that they are big enough to stand on the floor and just a really fun decorative piece.   They are equally great for girls and boys bedrooms – knowing how you all love gender neutral products.

cushion grp

Image:  three new cushions

We hope you like our foray into ‘home’ and would love to hear your suggestions on other things we should make for this category.

Scary chushion and hanging


Image:  Scary monster cushion and scary monster hanging ring

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