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27th April 2015


Lots of people know Pebble for the octopus rattle – which is great – we love him too!   and also for the many other rattles we make, but did you know we make lots of dolls too.

Doll Boy

We started making dolls under the Once Upon a Time selection.   The idea behind this selection was to give young children a whole range of characters so that they could make up stories and act out stories and generally have fun with role play.    So much of information coming to young children these days is passive – the tv for example – you just sit and listen to the stories that are told.    So we wanted to give children an outlet and characters for telling their own stories.     In fact, we even made a little storybook of our own which we attach for free on the Once Upon a Time characters to help the process along.

Doll girl

I love the idea that with these characters there are endless possibilities for children to make the stories and the characters we make don’t have to assume traditional roles.   For example, what better than a ballerina and a pirate stopping in the street to help at an accident for example.   Young children’s minds are so much more open to ideas than ours are, as we get older, and so we wanted to create a whole range of dolls to enable them to explore their innovative imaginations.

There will be more characters added to these ranges each time we bring out a catalogue.

Happy storytelling!

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