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25th January 2015

Impact Investing in Bangladesh

Impact investing is a relatively new term but its basically about making investments which give both a financial and social return.   Its a new field that has only recently started to come to Bangladesh but it has huge potential in terms of leveraging the capital markets to create social good and in terms I understand, reducing poverty.   I’m quietly excited about the changes that could come to Bangladesh as this new concept starts to take root and I’m eager to see the results from some of the early examples.

dahlberg front page

Right now, there is a lot of research going on which particularly focussing on where the gaps are and what the challenges are to this new concept growing.    I wanted to share with you a quite lengthy report on the current situation in Bangladesh in relation to Impact Investing.   We were delighted to be part of the interview list for this report and to be able to share our experiences with the researchers.    The research was commissioned by the Impact Programme of UKAID and was carried out by Dahlberg for the GIIN (Global Impact Investing Network).    If you’re interested in new trends in International Development and the current landscape for Impact Investing in Bangladesh then you’ll find this an interesting read.


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