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23rd March 2015

Measuring Crafts

We all hear anecdotally that the hand made and crafts industries are important for the reduction of poverty.   Indeed it is the reason that Pebble and Hathay Bunano started and continue to work.   But did you know just how big this industry is and what an important contribution it plays.    The Alliance for Artisan Enterprise has started the very important work of measuring the industry and putting together research and recommendations for what and how we should measure in the future so that we start to get a much more clear idea about the importance of this industry rather than just anecdotes.

The initial report is now out and you can download and read it here.   MEASURING TRADITIONAL SKILLS

Just from the headlines though, it is huge.   Did you know that crafts account for more than USD50 billion per year annually.   And that in India alone more than 115 million people are employed in this industry.   Buying hand made is really important.   It really makes a difference – we see it every day in Bangladesh.   Hopefully the next report from the Alliance for Artisan Enterprise will also look at measuring crafts in Bangladesh.

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