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16th January 2021

Changes on our website

We care about you and take every feedback seriously to make you happy. There are some requests from our customers to add some new features to our store. So we made some changes to our website aligned with the customer’s request.

We have made a few changes to our website to make the shopping experience easier and save time for you. You can now see Out of Stock and Low Stock on the category list so you don’t have to click on every product page to see the product list.

New changes on our website make it user friendly, easy navigation, clear product descriptions, and simple checkout processes

We have added a drop-down menu so you can select to see only available products in each category and exclude all Out of Stock products if you wish. In addition to that, you will see cross-sell and upsell options that will recommend a new style associated with your selected items in the cart. We have added so many categories to navigate you in the right direction of your wish. Check our catalog here.

We believe that the above changes will make your shopping experience easier and we would request you to drop any advice or recommendation regarding changes or addition of something to our website at

If you are a retailer, check out our collection at Faire or Ankorstore.

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