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6th June 2020

Covid19 measures implemented

We were closed at our head office and the rural production centres for about one month in line with the Government of Bangladesh’s lockdown procedures to flatten the curve of the pandemic in the country.

We opened again a few weeks ago as allowed by the GOB and implemented a number of procedures in order to keep everyone safe.   We also opened some, but not all of the rural production centres where logistics were possible and available.  Initially our HQ based in Dhaka started working with half of the workers. Dhaka is the highest affected area of Covid19 in Bangladesh, so we are following 4 steps of health protective measures at our entrance for all of our staffs, guests and visitors.

  1. We marked 3 metre distance queue during entrance.
  2. Anyone entering will spray their hands with Soapy Water which has been innovated by ICDDR’B.
  3. Spray full body with disinfection water and then wash feet with detergent water.
  4. Finally we check body temperature with the thermometer.

We are all trying together to make our working place safe for everybody. Additionally we are providing free face masks and everyone is wearing a mask while they work.

We are trying hard now to send more work orders to the villages for our artisans so that they have regular work flow and income to run their family expenses. During this pandemic situation, we all need to become united to save our life and fight with this virus for brighter future.

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