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29th October 2015


When I was a little girl in the UK we didn’t celebrate Halloween.   We knew of it, of course, but we all looked forward to Bonfire Night on November 5th – remember, remember the 5th of November 🙂     A lot has changed in the decades since and Halloween is now a huge event with all the commercial implications.    It’s also a lot of fun for the children to dress up in costumes and of course, a great excuse for extra sweets.    It made me smile the other day when I read in the newspaper about a Halloween costume parade for dogs in New York!   I love it.   Just when the days are drawing in, in the Northern Hemisphere, and the weather is getting colder, its great to have something to bring a bit of fun and put a smile on everyone’s faces.

If you want a Halloween with impact then you can’t beat the Pebble pumpkin rattles.   Great as rattles or as decorations.    We hope you have a fun Halloween and a great Autumn.


Autumnal landscape

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