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15th March 2024

Introducing our Warehouse Manager, Ally!

Hello! Pleased to meet you! I’m so happy to be greeting you as the new Warehouse Manager at Pebble Child

A little about Ally

After reaching as far as I can progress in my previous role as a local Post Lady for over 4 years, I decided to change the direction of my career and join Pebble Child as Warehouse Manager. With previous experience in administration and sales, as well as holding a University degree in Photography, I felt I’d be a great fit to run the UK office, and apparently, Pebble thought so too!

Why choose Pebble?

The ethics behind Pebble Child truly amaze me. And their achievements are outstanding. I had never taken into consideration the effects a company I work for has on the world and on others. And as you will know, the effects of Pebble are just wonderful. Now when out and about in my free time you will still find me representing the company, spreading the message of Fair Trade.

Introducing our new warehouse manager. Featuring beautiful artisans from Bangladesh creating pebble products
Beautiful Artisans Crafting Pebble Products

What is your role?

My role involves quite a mix of tasks. I start my day answering emails from our friendly international based team, and often a customer enquiry or two. Then it’s time to process some fabulous orders. All paperwork is printed and postage applied. Next, I head down into the warehouse to pick out beautiful Pebble products to pack up and send. During opening hours I will also be the first port of call for all telephone enquiries. It’s so rewarding to hear the voices of our valued customers!

It’s lovely being able to use my creative eye in the studio to photograph our products for newsletter emails and our social media platforms. I get to know each of the products so well, and display their personalities in style! The build up to each seasonal celebration is so fun, as well as big re-stock deliveries and new product launches! It’s important to keep our customers well informed of what we are currently up to.

My favourite Pebble product?

My favourite range has to be the food and drink! And I’d have to say the Matcha Green Tea Latte rattle takes the lead for me! The detail on each rattle, toy and clothing item is remarkable and it’s so clear at an instance, the amount of love and care that has gone into both the designing and creation of each product. They really do make the sweetest treat for any little one.

New Warehouse Manager favourite rattle the Green Tea Matcha Latte Rattle for Children
Matcha Green Tea Latte Rattle

Thank you ever so much for stopping by! I am very much looking forward to an enjoyable career within the company and thank you to Pebble Child for presenting me with this opportunity.

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