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19th January 2015

Bernadette visits Basha

At Pebble we love Basha.   They make the most wonderful products and are very successful in working with women at high risk or coming out of prostitution.   Their long term programme has excellent results and it is always a joy to see how many lives they can touch and how many women are able to find a new path in life working for Basha.


Image:   artisans at Basha developing new products

Bernadette owns the business Funkid in Australia  and is the Pebble distributor for Australia and also sells Basha kantha blankets.    So I was delighted, this morning, to take Bernadette down to Basha to see the wonderful work they are doing, and of course to inspire her to sell even more blankets.


Often women come to Basha when they are pregnant and so there are always a few very new babies at the centre.    Anyone who knows me, knows that I can’t resist a tiny, new little baby.


Through dignified work Basha provides a sustainable livelihood for women at risk and survivors of trafficking.  Women gain job skills and the opportunity to develop into leaders and entrepreneurs in a healthy, healing environment.

Work like this is so important and the founder, Robin Seyfert, is extremely talented and committed in turning this into a commercially sustainable social enterprise.   We wish you well in the future, Robin, and look forward to seeing your expansion and the many more women that you are able to support.


Image:   Bernadette and Robin at Basha


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