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19th February 2024

Achieves People and Planet First Verification

Pebblechild UK Ltd is thrilled to announce its official verification by People and Planet First, a global movement uniting businesses prioritizing people and the planet over private profit. As a verified member, Pebblechild joins a diverse network committed to transforming business for everyone’s benefit.

People and Planet First’s verification process focuses on five core criteria, emphasizing shared standards over legal forms or jargon. By meeting these criteria, Pebblechild underscores its dedication to ethical practices and sustainability.

Why People and Planet First Verification Matters for Pebblechild:

Showcasing the Global Movement: Pebblechild UK Ltd now gains the opportunity to build meaningful connections and collaborate with like-minded businesses worldwide. The verification serves as a testament to the power and diversity of the global movement towards a more equitable and sustainable economy.

Strengthening the Collective Message: Pebblechild UK Ltd is now recognized as part of a globally trusted network and enterprise group. Our movement now collectively conveying that we all prioritize People and Planet First. This recognition helps consumers understand verified enterprises’ shared commitment and role in building a new economy for the greater good.

Business Expansion Opportunities: The verification opens doors to new business opportunities for Pebblechild. Verified enterprises can tap into new markets and increase business prospects by collectively leveraging support from purpose-driven buyers, accessing social procurement channels, and raising consumer awareness.

Increased Visibility on Global Platforms: We now enjoy enhanced visibility on global platforms such as the SAP Business Network and Coupa. This spotlight provides an opportunity for the enterprise to reach a wider audience and strengthen its impact.

Pebblechild UK Ltd is proud to contribute to the People and Planet First movement, reinforcing its social and environmental responsibility commitment. The company looks forward to continued collaboration with fellow verified enterprises to drive positive change on a global scale.

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