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21st November 2011

Making tigers

It’s been a busy year for the crochet tiger in the Pebble range. In the Autumn he was the featured icon at the Top Drawer A/W11 trade show and so we thought that you might like to see him being made. The tigers are made in centres in Khulna and Sirajganj by expert artisans. The shape is difficult to create consistently and so only our most experienced artisans are able to make them. The weather in Bangladesh now, as it draws into the winter, is cooler and less humid. It’s about 22oC in the sun and very pleasant and so, not surprisingly, many of our centres spill outside in this lovely weather and sit making together in the fresh air and sunshine.

The tiger is part of our range of animals from Bangladesh and this is important to me because it’s a great way to show you all the animals that are famous from this country. Bangladesh is the land of Bengal and so the origin of the Bengal tiger. We’ve added a little Bangladeshi flag to the tail of these animals so that you will always remember where they come from. The Bengal tiger is endangered and if you’d like to find out more about it then there is a fantastic project – The Sundarbans Tiger Project which has lots of information and background.

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