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30th June 2014

WFTO membership

We are very happy to announce that Hathay Bunano are now provisional members of the World Fair Trade Organisation. We have been following the principles of fair trade since we started in 2004 and for many years were members of the Ecota Fair Trade Forum but since we are making and selling products for a worldwide audience we felt it more applicable to seek membership at the World Fair Trade Organisation and so for the past months have been going through the membership process.

We are very much looking forward to learning more about fair trade and to learning and sharing with all the other members in the World Fair Trade Organisation. We would like to express our sincere thanks to the WFTO Board and the executive committee for their genuine and sincere work in promoting fair trade around the world. Truly we believe that all trade should be fair trade.

You can learn more about Fair Trade and the WFTO at

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