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9th December 2013

WFTO audit visit

We were delighted last week to welcome two very experienced auditors from WFTO to HBPS. Devasmita Sridhar from India and Binaya Maharjan from Nepal came to Dhaka on 1st December and despite all the current political problems in Bangladesh and the ongoing blockade had a very productive visit. They stayed the full week, leaving on Friday 6th December. The picture above is of the HBPS team with the auditors at the final debrief meeting.

I know I speak for everyone at HBPS when I say that it was an extremely interesting and helpful visit and that we all learnt a lot from it. I know that the auditors also learnt things about knitting that they hadn’t previously known! So all in all it was a really great shared learning experience.

Despite the blockade Binaya was able to get out to the village with our Operations Manager, Rayhan and very much enjoyed his visit to both the centre and walking around the rural landscape and visiting the homes of HBPS producers. It goes without saying that the rural hospitality would have been wonderful and the village women were very happy to share lunch with the team as well.

We would be happy to welcome them back to Dhaka at any time.


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