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19th September 2011

Using video for training

We’ve just introduced video as a way of training and learning new products and patterns and we’re very excited about it. In the picture Nasima is following the video that I made explaining how to make the new hat pattern that we are sampling. The samplers have all been following videos this week and their feedback is really positive saying that it makes it much easier to learn new patterns than just having written instructions and diagrams.

I’m making videos now for new items as we come up with new designs and the samplers will soon start to make videos of our regular items and techniques with a view to taking these out with them to the rural centres when they go out for training and revision purposes. I’m excited to get these videos out to our rural centres. I’ve been told that the $100 laptop project is starting here and that could potentially make it possible to see laptops in our rural centres. I’m excited about the idea of the supervisors being able to watch instructions for products when they need a little revision or just to help them remember specifics and I think it will be much easier for them than the written instructions and diagrams we currently use alone.

It’s early days but the use of video in our work has huge potential. Keep your eye on the blog and I’ll blog it as we go.

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