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13th May 2014

Training on sustainability reporting

Rayhan, the Executive Director of HBPS, attended a training on sustainability reporting last week. The trainer was Dr Aditi Halder, from and the focal point for GRI in India. Rayhan has learnt new ways for HBPS to measure and report on sustainability which will enable us to better inform our customers and stakeholders as well as enable us to improve in the work that we are doing.

The Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) is a non profit organisation that promotes economic sustainability. it develops one of the worlds most established standards for sustainability reporting – also know as ecological footprint reporting, environmental social governance reporting, triple bottom line reporting and corporate social reponsibility reporting. GRI seeks to make sustainability reporting by all organisations as routine as and comparable to financial reporting. A sustainability report is an oganisation report that give information about economic, environmental, social and governance performance for the period of specific financial or calendar year.

Dr Aditi hopes that we can all put in our best efforts as individuals and progress real development of Bangladesh in all aspects – finance, environment, human and social relation. The basic purpose of all human beings, she says, is to have dignity of life for other lives as well, just as much as we treasure our lives. This way everything else will fall into place.

A beautiful sentiment to which we at HBPS wholly adhere.

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