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20th January 2015


Before Christmas I blogged about our new partnership with the WTC in Jessore and promised you a new product based on this work.    The new Pebble toybox is now out and in the new catalogue and we hope that you love it as much as we do.    Two sides are wonderful traditional Bangladeshi kantha embroidery and two sides are crochet.Organic toy bag

Image:   Pebble organic cotton toy box

It’s great working with the WTC and seeing our toys transfer into their wonderful embroidery but its also great being able to combine yet another craft into the Pebble range.   I’m passionate about all things craft and hand made and I hope that we are able to start to incorporate more of the traditional skills from Bangladesh into our products over time.

Organic toy bag-01

Image: Pebble organic cotton toy box filled with our organic toys

Pebble has always tried to bring market share to the hand made sector in Bangladesh.   Hoping that when people see Pebble they will associate good quality hand made with Bangladesh and then look to Bangladesh for other products that Pebble doesn’t make.    Over the coming months we hope to incorporate more of this wonderful traditional kantha embroidery into new and contemporary products featuring the Pebble characters that so many have come to know and love.

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