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6th February 2012

Staff picnic

The head office staff of Hathay Bunano went for their annual staff picnic last Thursday in Sonargoan. Sonargoan is the old capital of Bengal and has some beautiful historic buildings and is a lovely village to walk around and spend a little time out of Dhaka. Staff bring their children with them too and stay the whole day and into late evening enjoying the lovely winter weather, good company and music. Its just a fun day out. Whilst Hathay Bunano is largely staffed by women, a few men do work with us too! A big bus picked everyone up from the office early on Thursday morning and drove the hour and a half out to Sonargoan. My husband’s family come from Sonargoan and still have their old home there with open space and so this is a perfect picnic venue. A great day was had by all.

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