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19th May 2013

Rayhan, Operations Manager completed presentation course

Let me just say that it has been an honor to Hathay Bunano who help me to complete my Presentation Skill Class. This course was conducted by Paola Fornari under Espacious. My honorable teacher Paola is a fabulous teacher. I have learned through doing. This presentation course was participant-centred, interactive, practical, and targeted to my needs. We have made lot of fun and learned potential technique that helps me to make perfect presentation. This course incorporate techniques of presentation, positive thinking, relaxation, and simple common sense to help me achieve my goals as quickly as possible. The classes were divided into six session. Our class started from March and end in May 14 with a final presentation. I have seen lot of development in final presentation that I have gain during this session.

I enjoyed completing assignments that integrated everyday technologies.
I would also like to thanks to my honorable teacher Paola and to all my classmates who inspired me to improve my skills on presenting something. Finally I would like to give big thanks to Hathay Bunano/Pebble who have given me chance to do this training course to improve my skill.

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