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20th February 2013

Rag dolls – a new addition to the Pebble range

We’ve been having a lot of fun in the sample room making a completely new product for Pebble – rag dolls. A selection of three rag dolls will be available from the June catalogue this year and we hope you will like them as much as we’ve been having fun making them. They are very much Pebble rag dolls and feature crochet hair and accessories.

The face was taken from a doll I lovingly made myself at the tender age of 8! I still have that doll – her name is Molly and she sits around in our home in Dhaka. After nearly 4 decades I still think her face is beautiful and absolutely ideal for a Pebble rag doll. Making dolls is a new skill for the Hathay Bunano ladies and I’ve had a lot of fun in the past couple of weeks teaching these skills. I’ve been teaching both the sewing construction and the pattern making and its great to work with women who are so eager and interested to learn new skills. When Hathay Bunano first started in 2004 I used to do all the training but over time we developed teams of trainers and I then was able to take a back seat on training, and so it’s been fun for me to be back in the teaching role and hands-on. I’m going to call these three dolls Elsa, Ruby and Emily.


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