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16th January 2012

Pebble catalogue: Spring / summer 2012

The latest Pebble catalogue is now available in audio slideshow format. All the fun of Pebble toys with music attached. There’s some lovely new products in this catalogue including a range of 3 smiley caterpillar rattles. These are easy for little hands to hold and shake and sure to be a hit. There’s also a whole new range of hats with earflaps which we think you’ll like a lot. Pebble hats is a new venture for us and will be growing over coming seasons. You’ve all really liked our rainbow hats in bright colours, pastels and organic shades and now this is extended with 6 new hats with trendy earflaps. This catalogue also marks an addition to the Once upon a time range with a new storybook which will be available for free with all once upon a time characters. We think that this really makes a complete product and also now a lovely gift. I’ll blog separately on the storybook so you can see more of it.

We really hope you enjoy this video. It’s embedded here but also available on youTube.

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