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17th September 2015

New trainees going to Barefoot College

There are 4 ladies selected for Barefoot Solar engineering and rain water harvesting course for this year. They are Kohinur Begum (43), Razia Sultana (36), Sakhina Begum (43), Salaha Begum (36). These 4 ladies are from Khagrachari hill district where most of the people are highly deprived from govt facilities. Development is going very slow due to lack of communication system. Only few NGOs is working on that area where terrorist attack is a big threat.
Only Bangladesh Army’s Guimara Region is doing some development work to increase life standard of the people. SO with the help of Bangladesh Army’s Guimara region, HBPS started work with community people to create rural women employment in August 2015. In the hill area, there is very little scope for men to work at agricultural field due to lack of flat land. So most of the people use to do Jhum Cultivation which is very hard work. Bangladesh Government only covered electricity in very few areas whereas most of the families are out of light of modern culture. So HBPS select Hill track area like Khagrachari to lighten up by creating solar engineer from Barefoot.
The above selected ladies have no job to work. They only do their household work and they are committed to help their community when they come back after complete their training at Barefoot from Tilonia.
We wish them well in their training and look forward to welcoming them back in 6 months time as fully fledged solar engineers.SAM_8661
The new trainees with Indian Deputy High Commissioner to Bangladesh, Mr. Aseem R. Mahajan
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