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21st February 2015

Making organic bunnies

The organic bunnies and bunny rattles were the first items we introduced when we first introduced the organic cotton range a few years ago.   They are lovely soft shades of cream, dusky pink and duck egg blue and they are still as popular today as when we first introduced them.    Generally when you bring out a new catalogue twice a year, it is the new items that grab the attention but with just a few items, you find that they are perennial favourites, being chosen over again to go into orders.   It’s really lovely when this happens and a design becomes almost synonymous with the brand.    So I wanted to show you how these bunnies are made.

dusty rattles

Image:   organic cotton bunny rattles

The lions share of the work is done in remote rural production centres where about 100 women will work at each centre and make the items.   All the raw materials and a work order, detailing how many pieces should be made, are sent out to the rural centres on the national bus network in Bangladesh and the distribution department in Dhaka, headed by Shahin, keeps a regular supply travelling out to ensure that women have as much work available as they want to do.


Image: making the organic cotton bunny rattles in the rural production centre

The bunnies, made but without finishing elements, such as faces, are then sent back to Dhaka by the same route, where they are checked in to our finishing centre in Notun Bazar and are then allocated to a team of highly trained and skilled finishing staff who ensure that all the details are correct and add any remaining details.


Image:  bunnies in the finishing section – just had their faces embroidered

After washing, the bunnies are then sent to labelling and packing, where the woven labels and care labels are sewn on and then to another labelling section where the hang tags are added before finally getting to packing where they are put into individual polybags before going into cartons and sending out all over the world to our network of distributors.


Image:   adding the woven and care labels to the bunnies

We’re delighted that our customers continue to love these little bunnies.

motif bunnies

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