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9th January 2015


You know, many years ago, I read somewhere that every year 4 million babies are born in the US and not one comes with a hat!   And of course, they all need a hat.   It was then that I thought, what if, even a small proportion of those hats were made by hand in a rural setting by women who are disadvantaged and probably illiterate, with no other economic opportunity.   What if, a small proportion of those hats were made by these women.  Just imagine the economic development that could be generated in this way; imagine whole communities growing on the basis of all those hats being made within those communities; imagine how many more children in those deprived communities would be able to go to school;  imagine how many families could stay together rather than being separated by economic migration; imagine …


Image: pink owl hat

That same thought still gives me goosebumps and brings a tear to my eye today.  Imagine just by changing the way that we make things we can change lives of the poorest in our world.   And the beauty of it is, that you don’t need to increase consumerism – you don’t need to buy more.   Just by making a choice about how something you buy is made, you can impact lives for the better – you can make the world a fairer place.    Its such a small idea and yet it is so potentially powerful.


Image: Red monkey hat

And so our job at Pebble, is to make the most fabulous hats so that you don’t just have to make a choice about how its made, but you can just choose to buy the best hat and in doing that you can bring these changes.    We really hope that you think our hats are the best hats in every way.


Image: Blue owl hat


Image:  Pink stripe hat

Imagine – you can change the world.

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