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10th March 2014

Hathay Bunano AGM 2014

Thursday 6th March 2014 saw the Hathay Bunano ps Annual General Meeting. The annual activity report was shared with all the members and discussions ensued about areas to focus on in the coming year. It is always good to get together the women from rural areas with the women from our head office and finishing centre in Dhaka and for them to share about their lives and understand the challenges and benefits of the different areas.

Many women who visited for the AGM stayed in Dhaka for a couple of days for additional training on new products so that they can go back to their centres and pass on the information and training and start to work on the latest release Pebble toys.

Everyone was happy with the growth of Pebble sales over the year and were eager to learn better quality and consistency so that they could all contribute to making Pebble grow in the coming year.

It was also nice for the women to share about the new pre-school facilities with centres where this facility is not yet available and start to plan around bringing this very worthwhile and much appreciated facility to all the centres.

In short, lots of work done, lots of work still to be done.

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