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11th November 2014

FT training at HBPS office

We were very happy last week to welcome Devasmita Sridhar from India to the HBPS office to conduct training in the Fair Trade principles and to carry out the Peer Visit for our organisation. The training was arranged by the financial support of Pebblechild Bangladesh Ltd.    Devasmita comes from Kolkata in India where they share the same Bangla language.   This was really super.   Generally when consultants come for trainings the language of the training is English and this then excludes some staff, but since Devasmita is fluent Bangla we were able to include many more staff in the training.  First she explained the core idea of Fair Trade as well as the inner concepts and the principles.

Consultant Devasmita Sridhar conducting the Peer visit

Consultant Devasmita Sridhar conducting the Peer visit

Image:  Consultant Devasmita Sridhar conducting the Peer visit with HBPS Rural Centres Manager, Hosne Ara Begum

ft training workshop

HBPS staff at the workshop sharing ideas

Image:  HBPS staff at the workshop sharing ideas

Fair Trade is a global network to support marginalized producers in developing countries. Fair trade offers consumers a powerful way to reduce poverty through their every day shopping. Understanding the core standard of Fair Trade will help us with repeat planning installation and optimization of the HBPS Team. Two women and one man from Executive Board, 3 ladies from producer level and 9 from administration level participated in this training. The training has been divided into six module in 2 (two) days.


Image:  HBPS team discussing with Devasmita how the Fair Trade principles are implemented in HBPS

HBPS team learnt the background history behind the Fair Trade movement, the core values of Fair Trade which need to be strengthened in business organizations, indicator as per core values & the documentation needed to become a guaranteed member of WFTO. HBPS thinks that all the compliance of WFTO is not only necessary for the membership but also for the overall improvement of the organization. We were very happy that Devasmita took the time to come to Dhaka to do this training for us and hope that we will be able to benefit many more people with this improved understanding of fair trade and its implementation.

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