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17th June 2020

Covid 19 & Amphan cyclone response to the artisans – Phase 3

Amphan, which was the most powerful cyclone ever recorded in the Bay of Bengal before it weakened, ripped apart homes, tore down trees, washed away bridges and left large predominately rural areas without power or communications in Satkhira and Mongla where Pebblechild have thousands of artisans.

This aerial photo shows flooded houses after cyclone in Satkhira

Luckily we did not lose any lives because of the government’s early steps and people were evacuated to the cyclone shelter. But it left people with no food and house and become waterlogged amid Covid-19 situation.  

Pebblechild have almost 1600 artisans in these Sunderban coastal belts at Mongla and Satkhira zone. So we extend our food support for 450 artisans that can support them for 2 weeks after the cyclone and Covid 19 situation.  

Artisans are receiving food basket at a shelter center in Mongla
Receiving food basket at Satkhira from Pebblechild hub office

At the same time we distributed food and other necessary supplies during this pandemic situation to the below areas to keep supporting our artisan’s family:

  • Distributed food at Khulna Rampal to 50 artisans at 2 different production units.
  • Distributed food at Sirajgongj to 100 artisans at 3 different production units.
At a production unit of Khulna Rampal

Financial support for 400 artisans came from our US distributor Kahiniwalla and financial support for 200 artisans from a wonderful retailer Shopping for a Change.

Big thanks to Kahiniwalla and Shopping for a Change for providing the kind of help that we needed for our artisans during this moment. Your financial support has provided much needed stress relief.

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