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11th May 2015

Colouring downloads

I’m just republishing this blog post so that it stays on the front page of the blog.  It has been, by far, the most popular blog I’ve published and I’m aware that many people are still downloading the colouring sheets and enjoying them.  So I’m just republishing it to make it easier for you all to find.


We wanted to do something to celebrate the coming of Spring, Easter if you celebrate it and to connect the children of the world with the same activity.   I think its great for all of us to see how similar we all are, how we enjoy the same things, and particularly you see this with the children.    So we’ve had some lovely colouring sheets drawn and you can download them here.

Pebble Child colouring page age 5+ final

Pebble Child colouring page tiny tots

Then you can get your lovely little one to colour it in and if you like, we’d love you to take a picture of your little one with their colouring and post it on social media.   You can use the hashtag #pebblecolourtheworld and you can tag us (@pebblechild)  in it on instagram so we can find you.   At the same time we are sending these colouring sheets to the Pebble preschools around the country in Bangladesh and we will take pictures of the children of the artisans who make the toys, with their colourings.   It will be nice to see the same colouring picture made around the world by lots of different children who all love to colour.    Lets have fun.

Pebble colouring page little ones[1]

Image: Pebble colouring for younger children

Pebble colouring page 5+[1]

Image:  Pebble colouring for older children

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