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27th May 2012

Celebrating World Fair Trade day

On 13th May artisans from Hathay Bunano celebrated World Fair Trade day at the Ecota organised event at the YWCA in Dhaka. The theme of the day was ‘I want a Fair World, I support Fair Trade’. It was great for so many artisans and producers from around Bangladesh to come to Dhaka and meet and share stories. Ecota shared new information and there were entertaining and informative short plays acted out by producers to highlight the issues in world trade and explain the need for Fair Trade. The fair trade groups who are members of the Ecota Fair Trade Forum, the body for fair trade in Bangladesh, also showed the products they make to the other producers and artisan groups and shared ideas about making products and finding markets.

It was a well organised event and Hathay Bunano would like to say a big thank you to the Ecota Fair Trade Forum ( and to Corr – the Juteworks ( for jointly organising.

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