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13th May 2014

Celebrating Fair Trade Day 2014

World Fair Trade Day this year was held on Saturday 10th May 2014. On that day the Pebble and Hathay Bunano teams were busy at the Fair Trade Craft Bazar in Dhaka held at the Australian High Commissioners residence and so we chose to celebrate Fair Trade Day on Monday 12th May 2014 at our head office in Notun Bazar in Dhaka.

The programme started at 10am and staff and their children from the creche and pre-school were happy to share samosa, shingaras and sweets. Rayhan, the Executive Director of Hathay Bunano talked to everyone about how we can all work together to build Hathay Bunano and continue to create greater impact in the rural villages in which we work.

Yasmin, one of our senior samplers, spoke to everyone about the importance of quality control and maintaining consistency. With singing and dancing the programme came to an end just after lunch and we were all happy to resume our work in the afternoon. It was wonderful to celebrate a day which is celebrated around the world and we sincerely hope that in the future all trade will be fair trade.

If you would like to know more about the fair trade movement then you can find out at WFTO website.

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