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1st January 2015

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We hope that you are all enjoying our new website.   We’ve made a lot of changes to bring it up to date.   Particularly the blog is now much nicer and easier to read and we really hope that you will enjoy browsing through all the stories behind the making of Pebble toys.   Certainly in this blog we do aim to give you insight into who makes the toys and why we feel our work is so important in terms of empowering and bringing financial independence to very poor and disadvantaged women throughout rural Bangladesh.

Screen Shot 2015-01-09 at 16.12.46

Image:   the catalogue on the new Pebble website

One big change we’ve made in this new website it to enable you to be able to buy Pebble toys from the site.   Well it’s not quite from the site but the closest we could get it at this time.   You can know click through from our catalogue to our corresponding pages in and can buy from there.   We don’t have stock of everything in Amazon just yet but we are working on it.    When you buy from our Amazon pages you are buying directly from Pebble.

Screen Shot 2015-01-09 at 16.23.04

Image:   the new ‘Buy on’ button on our catalogue

We hope that you’ll find this function very convenient.  Of course, it certainly doesn’t replace all the wonderful shops that stock Pebble around the world and who do such a fabulous job of promoting Pebble.   Because our products are made by hand each one is unique and holds the heart of the woman who made it and so, by far, the best way way to buy Pebble is from a store near you, where you can touch the product and feel it and choose the one that is right for you.   But in todays increasingly busy world, that’s sadly not always possible and so for your convenience we’ve included this online option.

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